May 25th, 2010 by Transportation Pro

Harry Potter world

If your a Harry Potter fan, then you’ll be happy to know that Universal Studios here in Orlando is almost ready to have a soft opening for the new Harry Potter land. Located within the Islands Of Adventure park, it will be 24 acres big.

The grand opening is set for June 18th. However they always have a “soft” opening before that. It’s when they let guest in and work out any bugs and glitches that come up. They can close it at any time to fix things.

They should be having the soft opening within a week or two. They will not announce it, you will just find out that the park is open when you go in. So if your a really big fan and want a sneak peek, look for a soft opening to happen within the next 2 weeks. ;)

May 12th, 2010 by Transportation Pro

Disney and theme park taxi transportation

ORLANDO, the land of Walt Disney World and Universal Studios, has more visitors today, than any other place in the state. Famous places like the Sea World, Kennedy Space Centre and all sorts of themed attractions, make it a home to more than 25 million visitors annually, making it a Mecca for tourists around the world. It’s Central Florida location, with Gulf and Atlantic beaches within 60 miles, account for Orlando’s phenomenal growth potential.

The Metro Orlando, which is renowned worldwide for its tropical climate and relaxed lifestyle, can be reached through three different airports: Orlando, Daytona Beach, and Sanford. Once there, you find it very easy to move around in the Orlando’s Magic Kingdom.

A huge network of buses, monorails, ferries and water taxis run throughout the city, connecting all the parks and attractions before, during and for a couple of hours after opening up. Of course, Concierge Transportation is another great way to get around here! A sound word of advise is to carry a good sun-blocker and use it because Sunburn, is a major cause of concern.

Just 30 minutes southwest of downtown Orlando, is the beautiful Walt Disney World. Envisioned as a destination for people to keep coming back to see the latest and greatest, time after time. Every night, 9pm onwards, a spectacular closing-time bash is organized by each Walt Disney World park, usually involving fireworks and fountains. It’s a sure delight for the tired part of you at the end of the day, so don’t miss it.

And if you happen to be among those who are fascinated by the world of movie and entertainment, then Universal Studios Orlando is the right place for you. It is part of a massive entertainment complex where you can see working film sets, sample the work of world famous chefs, and ride attractions.

Moreover, your Orlando vacation can just not be complete without a trip to Kennedy Space Center. At just 45 minutes, on huge Island wildlife refuge, about eight times the size of Manhattan from popular Orlando attractions, is located NASA’s launch headquarters. Here you need to plan on a full day to explore NASA’s launch headquarters, the only place on Earth where you can tour launch areas, meet an Astronaut and train in spaceflight simulators. A trek to this hub of technology and discovery, together with interactive simulators, live shows and jaw-dropping encounters with massive rockets, will leave you spellbound for days to come.

This place is a world in itself, where every member of the family can choose their own perfect fun, have their ultimate adventures, fun with their kids, rejuvenate themselves and have romantic dinners. You may challenge yourself on incredible theme park rides, or relax by the pool in a beautiful Florida setting. It packs more excitement per square foot than anywhere else on earth!

April 24th, 2010 by Transportation Pro

Spring in Orlando, great vacation time!

Florida is a big melting pot of different races and cultures. That’s great, to be sure. But it’s no fun to a English speaking tourist to have a hard time understanding a taxi driver in Orlando because they don’t speak it!

All drivers at Concierge Transportation speak English as their first language. The owners who also drive are native Floridians. Most tourist expect taxi drivers in Orlando to know English, but many don’t.

So you can be sure your driver will know what your saying if you speak English here. Just one more reason to give Concierge Transportation a call when you need a taxi or luxury car service on your Orlando visit.

April 1st, 2010 by Transportation Pro

use a taxi shuttle, not rent a car on your Disney vacation

If your planning on taking an Orlando Disney vacation, chances are you have never been in Orlando before. Using a taxi or shuttle service for your transportation needs is much easier than renting a car.

If your planning on staying right at the Disney resort area, chances are you’ll never be more than 15 miles away from any place you want to go. With all the Disney buses and taxi services like Concierge Transportation it is far more relaxing and even cheaper to use them.

Trying to figure out where your going around Disney can be very confusing, and you already have much on your mind. It just makes no sense to pay more to rent a car, get lost and take longer to find your way around the Disney area.

So save money and relax, let Concierge Transportation’s taxi and luxury services pick you up from the airport and take you right to your Disney hotel. Then have them take you to the Disney theme parks, restaurants, wherever you want and save money while doing it! ;)

March 24th, 2010 by Transportation Pro

Universal studios

Orlando is home to Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and Sea World theme parks. Millions of tourist come here each year to enjoy the rides and thrills of the theme parks. Besides the big three there are other smaller attractions in Orlando also.

I’ll be keeping you updated with what’s going on at the theme parks in this section of our blog. I’ll give you tips and tricks to save money and time at the parks. Of course, the best way to save time and money is using Concierge Transportation for your vehicle needs!

Don’t get frustrated by driving the strange roads of Orlando, let us take you to Walt Disney World or any of the other theme parks and have fun. Check back for news of your favorite Orlando theme park!

March 18th, 2010 by Transportation Pro

Orlando transportation services

Hello, and welcome to the Concierge Transportation blog. In here I’ll be making post about the latest news around Orlando. I’ll talk about any specials or deals we are having, tips on saving money and how to pick the best transportation service deals in Orlando.

Many come to Orlando for Disney, Universal Studios or other theme parks. Or maybe your taking a cruise at Cape Canaveral. Perhaps your going to a convention over at the convention center. You want to know what’s going on around Orlando while your here.

So check out Concierge Transportation’s blog here for the latest news and updates on what’s going on in Orlando. I’ll give advice on where to stay and how to save money while your here.

Of course for the best taxi service and transportation around town, you already know it’s Concierge Transportation! For all your taxi and transportation needs, give us a call or make a reservation for your next Orlando visit! ;)