May 12th, 2010 by Transportation Pro

Limousines in Orlando

Orlando is one of the largest American cities, located within Orange County, Florida. Its tourism industry is booming, helped considerably by the fact that it is home to Walt Disney World Resort, Seaworld and Orlando Universal Resort. Of course, Orlando possesses many other charms, so it is no wonder that it sees a massive influx of visitors yearly. As such, visitors heading for Orlando should be able to find it fairly easy to get here as international accessibility is relatively high.

By Air – Orlando has two main airports. The first, and major one, is Orlando International Airport. This airport is highly lauded by visitors for its many facilities and visitors will find it to be a comfortable and impressive landing point. Most major international airlines serve this airport. Examples include Air Canada, American Airlines, British Airways, Continental, Delta, Lufthansa, Cathay Pacific, China Airlines and KLM Royal Dutch, among many others. You should be able to reach Orlando International Airport direct from most of the major global cities. Once you have safely arrived at the airport, you can travel to your respective destinations by rental cars, shuttle buses or taxis. Head to the Ground Transportation Level at Level 1 as most transportation will be available from here.

Orlando’s second airport is the Orlando-Sanford International Airport. This is much less busy than Orlando International Airport as it caters mainly to domestic and adjacent areas. If you are from Central Florida, you may want to take a flight to this airport as you will not have to face the hordes of people from international destinations and the fare will be less expensive as well. This airport is located in Sanford, not Orlando. However, Sanford is just to the north of Orlando, so the traveling time is not that long.

By Train – If you are from other parts of the US and wish to head to Orlando, taking the train might be a viable option. If you are from other US cities such as Miami, Washington DC, Sanford and New York will be able to hop onto the Amtrak Auto Train that will take you straight to Orlando, Florida. You are highly recommended to book your tickets in advance, especially if you are traveling in a large group. The train provides a different and comfortable way of traveling. Families frequently prefer to take the train as it is more family-friendly and children will find it to be an exciting prelude before heading over to the resorts to enjoy themselves.

Of course, once you finally arrive you need to get from the airport or train station to where your hotel is. That’s where Concierge Transportation comes in! With our fleet of luxury town cars, taxi cabs, limos and shuttle vans we have just what you need to get you to your destination. So come on down to Orlando and let us be your final ride to your hotel or vacation rental. :)

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