April 2nd, 2010 by Transportation Pro

Long time Orlando taxi drivers are best

One of the most exasperating things you can experience with an Orlando taxi driver is having him not know where your going. Many Orlando area taxi services have a high turn over rate, meaning they have drivers who have just moved to Orlando.

A good taxi driver should be a long time driver, so he knows the area well and just where you want to go. If he does not, then what’s the point of getting a taxi! Concierge Transportation has long term drivers, having worked for the company for years.

They know Orlando very well; every hotel, major business, the theme park area, how to get around the Orlando airport, everything. Having an Orlando taxi driver know just where you want to go is one more thing off your mind. Keep that in mind, and use Concierge Transportation the next time your in Orlando. :)

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