April 1st, 2010 by Transportation Pro

use a taxi shuttle, not rent a car on your Disney vacation

If your planning on taking an Orlando Disney vacation, chances are you have never been in Orlando before. Using a taxi or shuttle service for your transportation needs is much easier than renting a car.

If your planning on staying right at the Disney resort area, chances are you’ll never be more than 15 miles away from any place you want to go. With all the Disney buses and taxi services like Concierge Transportation it is far more relaxing and even cheaper to use them.

Trying to figure out where your going around Disney can be very confusing, and you already have much on your mind. It just makes no sense to pay more to rent a car, get lost and take longer to find your way around the Disney area.

So save money and relax, let Concierge Transportation’s taxi and luxury services pick you up from the airport and take you right to your Disney hotel. Then have them take you to the Disney theme parks, restaurants, wherever you want and save money while doing it! ;)

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